I’ve My Changed Address!

To contact me for info, bookings, and hellos, please head over to my NEW WEBSITE You can still buy my chapbook here, though. Please feel free to flit around this old website, there’s some random stuff that will remain up for a while. Happy Holidays Adam Advertisements

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New poem featured in Drunk in a Midnight Choir–“Another Year, Marla”

This publication means a lot to me.   I first heard about American aid worker Marla Ruzicka in Rolling Stone article years ago.  She’s remained a hero of mine, founding Center for Civilians in Conflict and doing the kind of work that was necessary, ahead it’s time, and ultimately, lethal. I’ve carried this one with me for a […]

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Originally posted on Adam Grabowski Poetry:
Dreams, histories, memories—what if the things we fight so hard to stay tethered to untether everything else…$7.00. Here’s what someone else has to say about it: “In which Adam Grabowski – a man as comfortable on the stage as on the page, leads the reader through – what are…

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